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Side effects are positive and long-term

A client asked me what the potential side effects are for ThetaHealing®. I laughingly replied that you can expect a better life. Which is true. As long as you’re willing to let the shifts happen.

Change can be both exciting and terrifying and in my experience, unless the excitement is stronger than the terror, fear will stop you in your tracks as things shift around you. 

And they will shift around you if you’re soul has expressly stated that it wants something else. Even if your ego resists.

I worked with a person once who said that she was miserable in her corporate job. She wanted a redundancy package to enable her to do something completely different. During the one-hour session we worked on the things that were keeping her in that job.

The next week when I checked in on her, she was in tears and grieving. Her position was made redundant three days after our session. That wasn’t the part that upset her. What upset her was that she’d been escorted from the building by security. In other words, she wasn’t unhappy with the outcome, just the way it happened.

She felt as though she’d been treated like a criminal. I could see that it was routine considering her paygrade and the types of projects that she was working on, but that didn’t console her.

The last time I heard from her she’d moved on. She’s out of the corporate world and the related stress and is now working part-time in a creative industry which she enjoys. In other words, she stopped resisting the shifts and let go of having control over how the shifts will take place.

So yes, depending on the issue you’re working on, one of the potential side effects of ThetaHealing ®️ is that you’ll make changes in your life, particularly if that’s what you’re consciously manifesting. 

It’s probably a good idea to be clear about what you want those changes to look, feel, smell and taste like before you ask for them.

Then again, when we’re thrown out of our comfort zones, amazing things happen. And sometimes the creator within you knows the fastest and easiest way to a place that you’re conscious mind has yet to even consider.

Give yourself permission to improve your life. Appointments are available via Skype, Zoom and Messenger or in person at the Tasman Room, Thirroul Community Centre. For more information about who I am and what I do check out

Letting go of shame about dis-ease

What follows is primarily written for healers, though if this resonates with you, please feel free to continue.

Today I learnt that a former friend of mine, who is a very talented and successful healer is going through the final stages of upper motor neuron disease. When I mentioned it to my father he said ‘Well then she should just Theta® it away. That’s what you people believe in, isn’t it?’ If it were only that simple. In fact, attitudes like that are part of the problem. Healers often fail to seek help when they need it.

I love Louise L Hay’s books. ‘You can heal your life’ remains as relevant today as when it was first published in 1984 and when a dis-ease sticks around for more than a couple of days or intensifies, it remains one of my go to guides.

The premise of her book and many others like it is that our mindset shapes our physical reality. Improve the quality of your thoughts and beliefs and your physical health will naturally follow. I believe this is true. It’s what I practice and teach through ThetaHealing®️. Accomplishing this through mantras is also slightly simplistic.

Thoughts and feelings come and go all the time. And it’s not just us having these thoughts and feelings. Within our body we house all sorts of cells, bacteria (some nuture, others attack), viruses and parasites. Each of these has an energy and agenda of its own. It only takes a micro-second for a thought to cross your mind and find a willing energetic host within the plethora of living organisms within your body. A micro-second. This is the law of attraction in action.

Sometimes that bacteria, virus, parasite or cell will not make it known to you that it’s found a pathway within your system. No. It waits. It gathers reinforcements.

Think about every time you’ve been annoyed because somebody’s cut in front of you in traffic or pushed ahead of you in line by ‘joining’ their friend. If you’re like me, it’s a twinge of annoyance but it goes very quickly. That twinge can be enough to magnetise a pathological cell or organism in your body. And if you think about the number of times you’ve felt that twinge of annoyance in your lifetime, you’ll understand how quickly and easily it can find reinforcements. Particularly if the twinge develops into resentment because the same thing keeps happening. Time after time.

With that in mind, it’s amazing how harshly we can judge ourselves and others when we/they get sick. Because we’ve read Louise L Hay and other publications. We’ve attended workshops. We’ve done the work. People seek us out for advice and healings. Some people even pay us for them! How can I be sick? What will people think about me when they hear I’m sick? Spiritual masters who live in the light don’t get sick!

You can see how quickly this can result in shame and suppression. And instead of being honest about what’s happening with other healers so that we can clear the issues, we often smile and say that everything’s fine. And the pathology continues to patiently wait and gather reinforcements.

I know because I’ve been there. I know because other very talented healers have been there. In my case, it resulted in a severe case of labyrythitis. It took me months to be able to walk in a straight line again. And while my body sent me so many signals telling me that changes need to be made, I ignored it. I soldiered on. The world was spinning, I couldn’t walk in a straight line and I only took a total of 4 days off work. If anybody asked how I was, I was fine. How’s that for suppression? How’s that for optimism?

Admittedly, the optimism paid off because while I soldiered on, I also did the metaphysical work and eventually the world stopped spinning. Part of that process was being honest with myself and others about what was happening. My big lesson from that episode?

Express, don’t suppress. Yes, when you open up about what’s happening some people will ask you ‘Why you haven’t been able to clear it yet?’ Instead of recoiling into shame and justification, take this as a compliment. Other people know how powerful you are and are genuinely baffled that pathology has taken such a hold on your system. So when asked that question, remember that you’re a multi-dimensional being, housing a complex micro-biome, with genetic and past-life issues that influence what’s happening here and now. And remain optimistic. Seek help. Any kind of ailment can be overcome with the right tools and attitude.

If you would like to develop the tools and techniques to develop a more positive mindset and overcome blocks and challenges, feel free to reach out. I’d love to see you in class or in session. If you don’t live in the Illawarra region, I’m available via Skype, Zoom or Messenger.

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Write the story of your life- and don’t be afraid to copy edit!

Stories play an important role. They’re passed down from generation to generation to teach us and to entertain but the lessons aren’t always fun. Disney’s version of Speeping Beauty taught us that you can’t trust people consumed with jealousy. An entire kingdom suffered as a result of someone else’s pain. Fortunately her Prince overcame great hardship, woke her with a kiss and they lived happily ever after. The end. Right? Wrong.

Sometimes we forget that those stories we grew up with have been told and retold so many times that they bear little resemblance to the original. In the earliest known version of Sleeping Beauty she’s awoken by the pain of childbirth having been raped in her comatose state by a King. Mother and twins survive, the King comes back and they fall in love (she’s obviously more forgiving than me), much to the chagrin of his wife. The King‘s wife attempts to have the twins cooked with the intention of feeding them to the King while plotting for Sleeping Beauty to burn at the stake. Fortunately, her plans are foiled, Sleeping Beauty and the King marry and they live happily ever after. Right? Wrong.

The Grimm Brothers made the plot more palatable, Disney more so and for a feminist twist you should check out Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sleeper and the Spindle’. The point is that stories change from generation to generation, teller to teller. They flow and evolve to suit the tastes and sensibilities of storyteller and audience alike.

Which is why it always amazes me when people become trapped in the details of the story of their life. They allow a series of incredibly unfortunate events to dictate their tastes, decisions, environment, directions and future outcomes based on a lack of self-belief, self-worth or worst of all, the belief that their story can’t be changed.

Change is incredibly easy. All you need to do is to look at the storybook of your life and identify which elements you would change. The hard part is knowing that you already have the tools to do so. But you do. And there are people who are able to help. Seek them out and set yourself free. Remember that you are the author and main character of your life. Make your story wonderful.

Express, don’t suppress

I’ve spent the last couple of days recovering from a fairly bad bout of food poisoning. I won’t name and shame the restaurant simply because the dish that caused it is irrelevant. I bought it on myself by being stressed and talking about that stress to a friend while eating. Rookie mistake which my body has paid for since Wednesday. So what has this taught me?

Well, by Friday I’d worked out a solution to the things that caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety on Wednesday. In other words, maybe I should wait a week before reacting to/ sharing unforeseen circumstances!

My other big lesson has come from my body and how quickly it shuts down when it’s decided it’s had enough. The mass evacuation led to dehydration, muscle pain, headaches, heat and hives. It wasn’t pleasant. The phrase ‘healer, heal thyself’ doesn’t apply in that situation.

How can I heal myself when my body is communicating it’s displeasure in no uncertain terms? Fortunately, I have friends and patience and I feel ready to face the world again tomorrow.

So, my second big lesson has been to listen to and respect the will and needs of my body.

There was a time when I felt as though dis-ease was a sign of weakness and failure. This weekend has taught me that attempting to control the situation or outcome can actually make things far worse. Far better to let my body have a dummy spit and reassure it that I’m aware of what it’s trying to say and I’ll listen more carefully in future.

Follow your instincts

Yesterday I had a very powerful reminder of why I should follow my instincts and not push on because I think it’s the right thing to do. The innocent act of bending over to pick up my glasses case pulled a muscle in my back/butt/hip and sent referred pain flowing down my leg. Worst of all, because I’m in Armidale I can’t see my chiropractor, Dr. Ashley Brown who would be able to help me move freely within a few sessions. Yes, he is the bandaid that allows me to ignore the underlying problem and I’m very grateful for his assistance.

You may ask how the glasses case was responsible for this agony. The answer is simple. I was picking up the glasses case to study for an exam that I don’t wish to take for a subject that I’m incredibly behind and not invested in. The night before I had reached the conclusion that I should let it go for this semester, and indeed the rest of this year, and focus on things that matter the most to me at the moment:building a business and spending time with the people I love doing things I enjoy. Because life really is that simple and easy when you give it permission to be. You may think it’s the wrong decision to make but it’s where I am right now. In fact, it’s where I was in January which is why my back chose to freeze when I attempted to push on-again- instead of listening to my higher self- again. It was a timely reminder that when I do the’right’ thing instead of the thing that’s right for me I place my body and mind under unnecessary stress. The body doesn’t like being stressed, so eventually it will fight back.

I am going to have a couple of Failed Incomplete grades on my academic transcript, but given the other good things on my transcript, I can live with it. None of us are perfect. Best of all, the act of acknowledging the source of my pain and sharing it is easing the pain even as I write. Please learn from my example and listen to your instincts. Don’t keep ‘harmlessly’ persevering until it reaches the stage until your body makes you stop and reconsider. Oh, and if you’re in the Wollongong area, consider having a chiropractic session with Dr. Ashley Brown. He will help the pockets of trapped energy begin to flow again until you’re ready to acknowledge and deal with the source of the problem. 😊

Quick recovery

Two days ago my back was injured while reaching for my glasses case. The injury prompted me to discontinue my studies this session. Yesterday I was still in pain but had far greater range of movement and could resume ‘normal’ activity. Last night I attended Alicia Bickett Psychic Medium’s Live Show here in Armidale and by the intermission I was 95% pain free and walking normally. Being true to myself and the high vibrations of the evening has helped my body to heal quickly and easily (the warmth in the Bowling Club probably helped!) Many thanks to those who dropped me a line to make sure I’m OK. I’m feeling far better than OK, I’m feeling alive and in my element.

Also want to take this opportunity to give a plug for Alicia. I first met her at a Reiki swap 8 years ago. At the time she was a pool designer. Now she tours around the country doing live Medium shows and is proof that by being true to your calling , everyone benefits. Thanks for creating and holding the high vibration last night Alicia! And thank you for being a positive example for our community around self-confidence and wealth creation. If you’re interested in seeing her at work, she’s probably going to be at a venue near you soon.