What is ThetaHealing®

The Theta brainwave is the only brainwave that can currently be measured as a dual state of consciousness on an EEG.

Science states that when we are in a theta state, we are either in an intense state of relaxation or concentration.

With direction, the theta state allows us to connect to the energy of creation and flow.

Our thought forms create our reality.

When we enter a Theta®️ state and connect to the energy of pure unconditional love and creation, we can clear limiting feelings and beliefs.

Then we replace them with feelings and beliefs that expand our mindset and improve our reality.

It really is that simple and effective.

The only limitation is your imagination and your willingness to honestly confront and clear your limiting beliefs.

I’ll see you in session or in class soon.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Kristen is a genuine, driven and talented individual. Her healings give me hope and her view of people and their potential is full of love and positivity. She has helped me heal my spirit and heart. I am now more optimistic and focused in my approach to life. I would recommend her healings to anyone.”

Mohammad – Wollongong

From the moment the session started, I just started talking. I was immediately comfortable with Kristen and felt that I could tell her anything. Kristen listened, asking questions when I needed to go deeper. It’s amazing how we just talked through behaviours and situations to get to the beliefs behind them. I know that I had some profound insights into my life, but now (a week later) I can’t remember what they were. Probably because Kristen cleared them for me, which I am so happy about as it saves me from over-analysing everything. My home life and relationships have improved, and that’s just from one session. I definitely want to continue with Theta Healing.

Jenny – Wollongong

Omg I got a glimpse of the path I need to take to get to my Divine timing last night. It is such a blessing. I put it down to your healing and you clearing some of the stuff that I needed moved to see it. You are an amazing healer.

Helen – Darwin